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Product Description

Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) systems for concrete building solution have evolved over the last two decades. The new Polycrete® Big Block ICF system introduces a revolutionary solution with its sturdiness, performance and fast installation.

The Polycrete® Big Block ICF system is manufactured with a reinforcing steel mesh embedded within the expanded polystyrene (EPS). This steel wire mesh incorporated within the EPS panel results in extreme strength and unmatched wall stability.

The Polycrete® Big Block ICF is the largest on the market. At 16 square feet of wall, its large size and simple design result in a fast and economical installation process.

The Polycrete® Big Block ICF product is the only system on the market that resist to a lateral pressure of 1600 lbs/sq ft (75kPa) during concrete pour.

It brings incomparable performances for ICF installation and concrete pour, but also a significant energy saving. The Big Block is definitively adding values as it gives security, durability, quietness and comfortable buildings.

All materials used in a Polycrete® ICF wall bring thermal insulation performances above all required standards.

Features and Benefits

The specifications are for 6" concrete walls with interior and exterior sidings.

  • Permanent insulating formwork
  • Embedded wire mesh reinforcement
  • Steel stripping for attachment
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High Insulating Value 6" wall = R-28
  • Easy to install
  • Foldable
  • Designed to be used for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Accepts all exterior siding types such as stucco, acrylic system, brick veneer, vinyl, aluminum and many other
  • The assembly ties system doesn’t obstruct the flow of concrete during pouring
  • Will resists to a lateral pressure of 1600 pounds per sq. ft. (75kPa) during concrete pour
  • Offers no limit in design, height or thickness of wall

Product Specifications

The specifications are for 6" concrete walls with interior and exterior sidings.

  • Thermal efficiency: R-28
  • Soundproofing: STC 60
  • Fire resistance: 3 hours
  • Durability:
    • Reinforced concrete construction
    • Resists earthquakes and tornados
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Energy savings
  • Type II expanded polystyrene
  • Metal fastening strip
  • Coverage per block: 16 square feet (1,49 sq. m.)
  • Packaging: 16 per bundle
  • Polycrete® scaffolding and corners for installation

Available Sizes

  • Block height: 24" (61 cm). 12" (30 cm) also available.
  • Block length: 96" (244cm)
  • EPS thickness:
    • 2 ½" or 1 ¾" (6,4cm or 4,45cm)
  • Concrete thickness:
    • 5 ⅝" (143mm)
    • 7 ⅝" (194mm)
    • 9 ⅝" (245mm)
    • 11 ⅝" (295mm)
    • custom thickness upon request

Technical data: Typical physical properties of EPS insulation
Physical properties

Physical properties Imperial S. SI System ASTM Test EPS Type II
Thermal resistance:
R value at 75°F (24°C)
for 1 inch thickness (25 mm)
sq.ft. °F hre
m² °C
4,0 min.
Compressive strength
(min) at 10% distortion
or psi
(kPa) D-1621 16
Bending strength (min) lb/
or psi
(kPa) C-203 35
Dimensional stability:
% of linear change (max)
% % D-2126 1,5
Coefficient of thermal expansion (max) in./in./°F (mm/mm/°C) D-696 3,5 x 10-5
(6 x 10-5C-1)
Water vapor permeability (max) Perm (ng/Pa.s.m²) E-96 3,5
Water absorption (max) % % D-2842 4
Effective temperature range:




167 (75)
180 (82)
Flame spread rating - - (CAN/ULC S102,2 M) <140
Smoke developed - - (CAN/ULC S102,2 M) <380
Capillarity - - - Nil