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Prefab walls
In Situ Installation
The Polycrete® Insulating Concrete Form: Simplicity, Performance, Durability, Versatility

Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) is a construction system that combinines the insulating quality of expanded polystyrene (EPS) with the structural sturdiness of concrete. ICFs are easily assembled to build both foundation as well as the upper floor walls. Concrete is simply poured inside the ICFs once installed.

ICFs remain in place and serve as insulation once the concrete is poured. Thanks to the EPS insulating capacity and to concrete thermal mass, the building insulation step is already done, which reduces the cost over traditional construction methods.

Once in place, the concrete adheres perfectly to the ICF panels with no air leakage. ICF walls are load bearing ones with strength and durability far beyond traditional structures.

The Polycrete® system has great versatility: One panel does it all. It adapts to any architectural design with unconstrained interior and exterior sidings and finish. Let your imagination soar!

Building Smart

Resistance to fire and natural disasters, eco-friendly, comfort, strength and economics are only a few of the Polycrete ICF benefits.

No more air infiltration

Polycrete® walls are insulated on both sides: interior and exterior, without air gaps or thermal bridges. This results in buildings with a superior thermal performance. To benefit from this high thermal efficiency, make sure to properly seal around door and window openings.

Thanks to its high density, a Polycrete® concrete wall is also an excellent sound barrier. Fully sealed walls eliminate sound infiltration and EPS insulation absorbs rather than reflects sound waves. This makes Polycrete® a wise choice for buildings with multiple apartments.

The EPS envelope also prevents the concrete from acting as a transfer point for humidity, and the structure is so well sealed that pollen and dust infiltration is kept to a minimum.

Polycrete® ICF means a healthy, comfortable and quiet environment for its occupants.

Extreme sturdiness

Today, concrete is recognized throughout the world as an excellent material to protect against fire. Polycrete® concrete walls help prevent fatalities and property loss.

Polycrete® concrete buildings withstand winds far in excess of 200 mph. They are virtually hurricane and tornado proof. Reinforced concrete is also resistant to earthquakes and seismic activity.

Safe within a sandwich of expanded polystyrene, the concrete cures under ideal conditions. This prevents cracks and fissures caused by cold temperatures in winter and dehydration in summer. The concrete is also shielded against acid rain, ground freeze and thaw and other potentially destructive forces.

Savings : 50% and more

High effective “R” Values allow reductions of up to 50% or more in HVAC Costs.

A reinforced concrete building does not deteriorate. It provides substantially better durability and requires much less maintenance and repair than stick framed structures. Polycrete® buildings are built to last.

The Polycrete® products are easy to install and handle on the jobsite. That saves time and reduces the manpower needed to build the structure. Faster installation with less people means lower construction costs. Once the Polycrete® ICFs are installed and the concrete is poured, insulation is also done: Your building is ready to receive siding and interior finish.


Polycrete® Big Block contains no chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and does not emit any toxic gasses. Its efficient design minimizes jobsite waste, and the waste that does occur can be entirely recycled. Minimal use of wood helps protect our forests.

By uniting a stable man-made material with a time-honored natural material, the Polycrete® construction system displays a commendable degree of environmental respect.

Also, all the energy savings that result from a Polycrete® building helps lower carbon emissions that lead air pollution and global warming.